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Home Health Care

We do provide home health check-up service. This service is available for people who are medically unfit or have limited mobility, so that they can avail the best health care services from the comfort of their homes.

Once you request for a home check-up service, we will send our expert technicians home to tend to your needs. Moreover, we will also make sure you get your reports delivered to your home.

Blood Test At Home

We believe in providing the best and most convenient health care services to patients. This includes blood collection services from home as well as office. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will send medical experts to your place to collect your blood sample for testing.

To make the best of our blood collection services, you will just have to follow these instructions;
  • Give us a call, or fill an appointment form online.
  • The information required from you will be as following- Your full name, address, phone number and the number and kind of tests you need to undergo.
  • We will then send our medical technician to collect your blood sample and send it for testing at our laboratory.
  • Depending on your convenience, we can then email you the reports or send them to your home.

X-Ray At Home

Along with blood test from the comfort of your home, we also provide X-Ray service to your home. This service is specially provided for people who have restricted mobility due to old age or injury, so that you can get the best medical support right in your home itself.

Once you book an appointment through phone or online, we will send our technicians with a portable X-Ray device to take your X-Ray. The reports are processed; we will send it to your home or make it available online, as per your preference.

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